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Study business, management, and economics alongside German and international students for a semester or a year as an exchange student, or apply as a degree-seeking student.  The following business undergraduate programs span a wide range of disciplines and specializations. 

Many programs offer some classes in English (*), and others offer all classes in English (**).  Both are appropriate for exchange students with limited or no German skills, and the latter are accessible to exchange and degree-seeking students without German skills.  All UAS7 schools offer a wide range of services to support international students, including German language instruction. 

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Undergraduate Program


Actuarial Science Cologne
Aeronautical System Engineering and Management (*) Bremen
Aeronautical System Engineering and Management for Maintenance Engineers Bremen
Applied Business Languages (Arabic/Chinese/Japanese) and International Management (*) Bremen
Applied Economics Osnabrück
Banking and Finance Cologne
Business Administration (*) Berlin
Business Administration Cologne
Business Administration Munich
Business Administration (*) Münster
Business Administration/International Management (*) Bremen
Business and Management (*) Osnabrück
Business Engineering in Environmental Science (*) Berlin
Business Informatics Cologne
Business Informatics Munich
Business Informatics Münster
Business Informatics (*) Osnabrück
Business Information Management Osnabrück
Business Information Systems Berlin
Business Information Technology Berlin
Business Law (*) Berlin
Business Law Cologne
Business Law Osnabrück
Business Management (*) Osnabrück
Business Management in the Health Sector Osnabrück
Business Psychology (*) Osnabrück
Business Studies (*) Bremen
Commercial Law Berlin
Communication Management Osnabrück
Construction Site Management Münster
Cooperative Business Program Berlin
Economic Law Berlin
Economics (*) Berlin
Entrepreneurship and Corporate Succession (*) Berlin
European Business Program (EBP) (*) Münster
European Finance and Accounting (*) Bremen
Food Production Engineering and Business (*) Osnabrück
Foreign Trade/International Management (*) Hamburg
German-Latin American Program in Business Administration (CALA) Münster
Global Management (*) Bremen
Industrial Engineering and Management (*) Osnabrück
International Business (*) Cologne
International Business - IBU (*) Berlin
International Business Administration Munich
International Business and Management (*) Osnabrück
International Business Management (**) Berlin
International Event Management Shanghai (**) Osnabrück
International Logistic Management China Osnabrück
International Management (*) Berlin
International Management (**) Osnabrück
Language and Business--European Program Cologne
Logistics Engineering and Management Munich
Logistics/ Technical Business Studies Hamburg
Marketing/Technical Business Administration Hamburg
Motor Vehicle Industry Munich
Nursing and Health Care Management Bremen
Political Management (*) Bremen
Public Management Hamburg
Shipping and Chartering Bremen
Total Facility Management Münster
Tourism Management (*) Bremen
Tourism Management (*)
Trade and Retail Management Bremen

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