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Study Engineering at UAS7

Study alongside German and international students for a semester or a year as an exchange student, or apply as a degree-seeking student. 

Many programs offer some classes in English (*), and others offer all classes in English (**).  Both are appropriate for exchange students with limited or no German skills, and the latter are accessible to exchange and degree-seeking students without German skills.  Please check our graduate programs in the life sciences (web feature coming soon) for further options.  All UAS7 schools offer a wide range of services to support international students, including German language instruction. 

Please contact UAS7 NY with questions about specific programs.

Applies Electrical Engineering

Business Engineering in Environmental Science Berlin
Civil Engineering Berlin
Construction and Manufacturing Berlin
Industrial Engineering Berlin
Mechanical Engineering Berlin
Aerospace Engineering Bremen
Aeronautical / Aviation System Engineering and Management** Bremen
Aviation System Engineering and Management - Maintenance Bremen
Bionics Bremen
Civil Engineering / Construction Engineering Bremen

Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering - Dual

Energy Engineering Bremen
Environmental Engineering* Bremen
Industrial Management and Engineering China* Bremen
Mechanical Engineering* Bremen
Mechanical Production and Engineering* Bremen
Mechatronics* Bremen
International Degree Program in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering* Bremen
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering* Bremen
Ship Management (Nautical Science) Bremen
Engineering and Applied Physics Bremen
Automotive Engineering Cologne 
Civil Engineering -Construction Engineering Cologne 
Civil Engineering -Geoengineering Cologne 
Civil Engineering -Traffic Engineering Cologne 
Civil Engineering -Water Management Cologne
Civil Engineering - Construction Engineering - Dual Cologne
Civil Engineering - Geoengineering - Dual Cologne 
Civil Engineering - Traffic Engineering - Dual Cologne 
Civil Engineering - Water Management - Dual Cologne 
Electrical Engineering - Electronics Cologne
Electrical Engineering - Automation Engineering Cologne 
Electrical Engineering - Electrical Energy Engineering Cologne 
Electrical Engineering - Optical Technologies Cologne 
Electrical Engineering - Communications Engineering Cologne 
Energy and Building Engineering - Technical Building/Construction Services Cologne 
Energy and Building Engineering -Electrical Engineering of Building Systems Cologne 
Energy and Building Engineering - Green Building Engineering Cologne 
Energy and Building Engineering - Technical Building/Construction Services - Dual Cologne 
Energy and Building Engineering - Electrical Engineering of Building Systems - Dual Cologne 
Energy and Building Engineering - Green Building Engineering - Dual Cologne
General Mechanical Engineering - Metal/Plastic Cologne 
General Mechanical Engineering - Construction Cologne 
General Mechanical Engineering - Computer Science Cologne 
Industrial Engineering Cologne 
Information Engineering Cologne 
Mechanical Engineering - Construction Cologne 
Mechanical Engineering - Farm Machines Cologne
Mechanical Engineering - Renewable Energy Facility and Process Engineering Cologne
Production and Logistics Cologne
Rescue Engineering Cologne
Technical Chemistry Cologne
Technical Chemistry - Dual Cologne
Computer Engineering Cologne
Aeronautical Engineering  Hamburg
Automotive Engineering Hamburg 
Hazard Control Hamburg 
Industrial Engineering Hamburg 
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology  Hamburg 
Information Engineering** Hamburg 
Mechanical Engineering - Development and Design Hamburg 
Mechanical Engineering - Energy and Plant Systems Hamburg 
Mechatronics Hamburg 
Process Engineering Hamburg 
Production Technology and Management Hamburg
Rescue Engineering  Hamburg
Technical Computer Science  Hamburg 
Renewable Energy Systems & Energy Management  Hamburg
Biomedical Engineering Hamburg
Biotechnology Engineering Hamburg
Aeronautical Engineering  Munich 
Automotive Engineering Munich  
Bioengineering  Munich  
Cartography and Geological Media Engineering  Munich  
Chemical Engineering Munich  
Civil Engineering Munich  
Electrical and Information Engineering Munich  
Electrical Engineering - Electromobility Munich  
Building Services Engineering Munich  
Geoinformatics and Satellite Positioning  Munich  
Geotelematics and Navigation Munich  
Industrial Engineering Munich  
Industrial Engineering - Bio- & Environmental Engineering Munich  
Industrial Engineering - Information Engineering Munich  
Mechanical Engineering Munich  
Automotive Engineering and Management  Munich  
Engineering and Management  Munich  
Process Engineering for Paper and Packaging Munich  
Paper and Packaging Production Engineering**  Munich  
Physics Engineering  Munich  
Precision Engineering / Mechatronics Munich  
Print Media Technology  Munich  
Renewable Energies and Electrical Engineering   Munich  
Building in Existing Buildings  Münster 
Chemical Engineering** Münster  
Civil Engineering  Münster  
Construction Site Management  Münster  
Construction Technology - Education**  Münster 
Electrical Engineering  Münste
Electrical Enginering - Dual  Münster  
Electrical Engineering - Education  Münster  
Energy, Building & Environmental Engineering  Münster  
Engineering Physics  Münster 
Industrial Engineering - Mechanical Engineering  Münster 
Industrial Engineering - Engineering Physics Münster 
Mechanical Engineering Münster 
Mechanical Engineering - Dual Münster 
Computer Sciences in Mechanical Engineering Münster 
Mechanical Engineering - Education Münster 
Total Facility Management  Münster 
Techical Orthopaedics Münster
Engineering of Technical Systems - Chemical Engineering Osnabrück
Engineering of Technical Systems - Mechatronic Osnabrück 
Aircraft and Flight Engineering Osnabrück 
Automotive Engineering  Osnabrück 
Bioengineering in Agriculture and Food Industry  Osnabrück 
Business Administration in Civil Engineering  Osnabrück 
Electrical Engineering  Osnabrück 
Electrical Engineering - Dual  Osnabrück 
Engineering of Technical Systems - Electrical Engineering  Osnabrück 
Engineering of Technical Systems - Mechanical Engineering  Osnabrück
European Electrical Engineering Osnabrück
European Mechanical Engineering Studies Osnabrück
Food Production Engineering and Business** Osnabrück
Industrial Design Osnabrück
Industrial Engineering and Management  Osnabrück
Langscape Development** Osnabrück
Landscape Engineering Osnabrück
Mechanical Engineering - General  Osnabrück
Mechanical Engineering Osnabrück
Mechanical Engineering - Dual Osnabrück
Mechatronics Osnabrück
Open Space Planning** Osnabrück
Computer Engineering Osnabrück

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