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Next deadline for the Study and Internship Program (SIP), Internship Program (IP) and Study Program (SP) - February 15, 2017.


New program and internship opportunities since 2013!

Since 2006, the Study and Internship Program (SIP) has enabled highly qualified undergraduates from U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities to experience the German approach to hands-on education at a member of UAS7, a consortium of Germany's top Universities of Applied Sciences. SIP students spend a semester studying at a UAS7 campus and a semester interning. 


Starting in 2013, our offerings have been expanded to include the Internship Program (IP) and Study Program (SP). IP students will intern at laboratories at UAS7 members over a period of 2-6 months. SP students will study for a semester at a UAS7 member.


Successful applicants are eligible for a UAS7 Travel Scholarship (1000€) for transatlantic travel expenses.


Other benefits to program participants vary by UAS and the dates of participation. Benefits may include culture/leisure activities, student mentors, and/or access to affordable language courses. Further details on benefits, application procedures and schedules are described in each program section. 


Important note on eligibility:

The Study & Internship Program (SIP), Internship Program (IP) and Study Program (SP) are open to all undergraduate students regardless of your nationality as long as you are enrolled at an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university. IP is also eligible to graduate students who meet these criteria. Please consult the Eligibility section for each program for further requirements.



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