Internship at the Sound Lab/Immersive Audio Lab

at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

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Prof. Thomas Görne


KiSS Kinetics in Sound and Space // Auditory Scenography in VR and AR

The HAW Hamburg and Hamburg University of Music and Theatre have a joint artistic research program within the Graduate School "Kinetics in Sound and Space". Two research projects are conducted at the HAW Hamburg Sound Lab/Immersive Audio Lab and investigate the aesthetics and technology of auditory augmented realities. The lab is equipped with a 33.2 loudspeaker array, VR and AR technology, position tracking system and rapid HRTF measurement capability.


Possible research topics for an IP semester are:
- implementation of a VR audio reference room based on a Unity 3D model
- implementation of a speeded spatial localization test in a VR game environment
- implementation of an AR based production interface for spatial audio
- further development of the MESM based HRTF capturing system
- assistance in aesthetic experiments in spatial audio and AR
- assistance in the development of VR/AR audio with personalized HRTF sets
- assistance in the organization of an international conference on spatial audio and sonic art


Undergraduate or graduate students of computer science, music technology, media art and the like, with basic knowledge of "3D" audio techniques and binaural audio as well as of programming in VR environments, e.g. games engines, Max/MSP, Pd, C++, C#. Strong interest in specific technologies like Higher Order Ambisonics, binaural rendering, virtual acoustics, augmented reality, as well as in aesthetic issues like music production in spatial audio or VR environments.

Depending on the specific task there are specific skills required, e.g. in-depth knowledge of database programming, of sensor/interface integration, of sonic art or music production. Please specify your preferred field of work in the application.

Language Skills

Fluent English




4 - 12 months. These projects are currently funded until 2022.

Possible Beginning

March 1 (application deadline October 1st)

September 1 (application deadline February 15)


To be determined, according to requirements at the home university.


To be determined

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