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Gain Hands-On Research Experience at a UAS7 Campus!


The Internship Program (IP) is designed for students interested in hands-on research opportunities at a German University of Applied Sciences. Internships offered by UAS7 member faculty allow IP participants to work alongside teams in our campus research laboratories and institutes. In most cases academic credit can be issued for successfully completed internships upon request; appropriate documentation can also be provided for interns seeking co-op rather than academic credit at their home institutions.

Applicants must rank 1-3 projects that they are interested in being considered for. Ranking more than one project increases the chances of acceptance, but applicants should only rank projects that they feel they meet the specified qualifications for. 

The research internships have a duration of 2-6 months. The exact length and timing of your research internship is determined by the professor offering the internship, but in many cases there is some room for flexibility. See project descriptions for scheduling options at the internship(s) you are interested in. 

German language is sometimes but often not required for the UAS7 Internship Program. You should have sufficient English-language skills to function in an international scientific environment. You should also have some experience in a laboratory setting. More about eligibility requirements....

IP Benefits

Successful IP applicants receive a UAS7 Travel Scholarship for transatlantic travel expenses. If accepted, you will receive a full tuition waiver (enrollment is also required for internships in Germany) and the benefits (e.g. student mentors, organized cultural/recreational activities) provided to exchange students at the host University of Applied Sciences during the internship.

Deutschlandjahr USA 2019


UAS7 is proud to participate in the
official Year of German American
Friendship with two projects.
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