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With over 17,500 students, Munich University of Applied Sciences is one of the largest UAS in Germany. More than 500 faculty members and 750 part-time lecturers are devoted to one goal:  not just to pass on knowledge to our students – but know-how.


Local conditions could not be better. Our professors' contacts with companies in the Munich high-tech region ensure that MUAS students have the opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge in industry. All of our programs include one or two practical semesters in industry, giving students the opportunity to experience real workplaces and real working conditions. Moreover, 170 research laboratories provide our students with further opportunities to gain practical experience in R&D settings while earning their degrees.


Departments  Programs
Applied Sciences and Mechatronics General and Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate
Applied Social Sciences Geoinformatics Graduate
Architecture Mechanical, Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering International double-degree programs

Building Services Engineering, Paper and Packaging Technology, Print and Media Technology

Tourism Company-linked programs
Business Administration
Civil Engineering Summer School
Computer Science and Mathematics
Design Courses
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Courses in English*
Engineering and Management

* Courses offered in English: Munich UAS offers over sixty courses held in English in all main subject areas ranging from Technology and Engineering to Business, Tourism Management, Social Sciences and General Studies. Please note that Courses in English is not a degree program. It comprises individual courses held in English in the various departments at Munich University of Applied Sciences. 


Further information

Number of students:  17,500
Tenured and tenure-track faculty:  500
About Munich, population 1.44 million (incl. 98,500 students)

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Meet a SIP Alumnus who attended Munich University of Applied Sciences!

Gordon Cline
Home University: California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: German
Program/University in Germany: DAAD-UAS7 Study and Internship Program - Hochschule München

Hallo! My name is Gordon Cline, and I'm a sixth year mechanical engineering student from the Central Coast of California. I’m a pretty big green-geek: the kind of guy who has his own canvas grocery bags and rides a bike instead of driving a car. Perhaps somewhat paradoxically, I’m also a big fan of new gadgets, and I love to toy around with computers. I don’t spend all my time indoors with groceries and computers, however; I’m also an active triathlete, and I train and race with a club team at my school. For my time in Germany, I found myself in beautiful Munich, Bavaria. I studied at the Fachhochschule for one semester, and subsequently interned at a renewable energies firm just outside the city. I was excited to find the renewables industry in Germany to be rather mature in comparison to the U.S., and I had an excellent opportunity to learn and work with emerging technologies. It’s hard to overstate how incredible an experience my time abroad was for me. I would encourage any student considering the opportunity to jump in with both feet, and I’ll be here to help you along the way!





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